KING OF THE BELGIANS di Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth


Belgio/Paesi Bassi/Bulgaria, 1h34
con Peter Van den Begin, Lucie Debay
v.o. inglese/fiammingo/francese/bulgaro/serbo/albanese sott. italiano

Durante una visita a Istanbul, il re del Belgio viene a sapere che la Vallonia, la parte meridionale della sua nazione, ha dichiarato la propria indipendenza. Decide così di far ritorno in patria per salvare il regno, ma il percorso sarà ricco di imprevisti e sorprese. Un esilarante viaggio on the road attraverso un’Europa sempre più disunita e disorientata, capace di approfondire con cura tematiche che ci riguardano da vicino.

scheda a cura di LongTake


in programma
sabato 24 | ore 19.50 | Apollo spazioCinema, sala Gea
​domenica 25 | ore 18.30 | Apollo spazioCinema, sala Gea


King Nicolas III of the Belgians is a lonely soul who has the growing suspicion he is leading an unfulfilling life. He embarks on a state visit to Istanbul with a British filmmaker, Duncan Lloyd, who has been commissioned by the Palace to shoot a documentary intended to polish the monarch’s rather dull image. The news breaks that Wallonia, Belgium’s southern half, has declared its independence. The King must return home at once to save his kingdom. As he and his entourage rally to depart a solar storm strikes the earth causing communications to collapse and airspace to shut down. No phones. No planes. To make matters worse, Turkish security coldly dismisses the King’s suggestion they return home by road. But the King has no intention of waiting out this storm. Lloyd, sniffing an opportunity of historical proportions, hatches a dubious escape plan that involves flowery dresses and singing Bulgarians. Thus begins their undercover odyssey across the Balkans, a journey that is loaded with lively detours, moving encounters and moments of grace. King Of The Belgians is a road movie in which a dormant King, lost in the Balkans, finally awakens.



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